Weezer’s Frontman Releases Intimate Video Cover

By 6

Right on the heels of Vitamin String Quartet’s latest release, "VSQ Performs Weezer’s Pinkerton,” frontman Rivers Cuomo has made a public video in which he covers a classic Beach Boys song. From what looks to be his own private studio, the famed singer is seen playing piano and singing the classic tune “God Only Knows.” While this number differs greatly from the much loved rock band’s repertoire, Cuomo does it justice. One would think he grew up perhaps listening to the Beach Boys for a bit of Brian Wilson-like inspiration? Check the video out here. The Vitamin String Quartet has taken their sophomore masterpiece into completely new territory by way of viola, cello, and violins. Instrumental renditions of songs like “The Good Life,” “El Scorcho” and “Pink Triangle” will surely have you falling back in love with these timeless pop classics. Available now at: iTunes and Amazon Tracklist: Tired of Sex Getchoo No Other One Why Bother? Across the Sea The Good Life El Scorcho Pink Triangle Falling for You Butterfly


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